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General Athletics Guidelines

Rebecca James

Some Guidelines have been added to the website. Please read it for information on how the events will be run.
In order to help Regional Athletics run well, it is important to go through this information.
Once everyone is there, a welcome will be done over the loud speaker and then students will be able to access the track to warm up.

Some Main Points:

  • Students cannot touch any of the equipment until their event when they are supervised by a teacher
  • Students need to know that when they finish their running races they need to stay in their lane and will be ‘grabbed’ by a marshall.
  • Students must not run off and exit the track until they have been dismissed by the marshalls.
  • If you wear spikes for the sprints, you must use a starting block.

Health & Safety Notes

Rebecca James

We are very lucky to have access to a top class facility but we must abide by specific rules whilst using it. The following are rules belonging to the facility:

  • Do not enter the competition arena unless you are involved in a particular event, and don’t venture beyond the area relevant to that event.
  • Wear appropriate footwear at all times. If spikes are worn, they must comply with Saxton Track regulations. They must be no longer than 7 mm, and configuration should be cones or pyramids only; no needles or grass spikes are allowed. See the notice at the entrance for more detail.
  • Do not walk on the track without looking both ways to ensure that the track is clear.
  • In the event of a disaster, everyone should evacuate to the infield.
  • Follow the instructions of officials.
  • Athletes remember to warm up fully before marshalling prior to your event.
  • Don’t cross the track without looking in both directions to confirm that the way is clear.
  • Don’t wear headphones in the competition arena.
  • Don’t bring foods or drinks into the competition arena, other than water.
  • A drink fountain is located under the covered way near the northern end of the Pavilion on this side of the building, and a 2nd water fountain is located under the covered way near the southern end, on the cricket side of the building.
  • We encourage you to wear clothing that protects against sunburn, including sunhats. [Sunblock is available in each of the change rooms.]
  • Public toilets are available at the northern end of the Pavilion.
  • Smoking is not permitted at this venue.
  • Please let us know if you identify any defective equipment or potential danger.
  • Please assist with pack-up of equipment once competition has finished.
  • The control room, rear of the pavilion and finish line area is out of bounds to all students and family members.

Venue Map: (Click to enlarge)

Saxton Oval Map