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Event Rules

General Guidelines for Athletics Day

Please read through the information about the events you chose, this will make the event much easier to run on the day.
On the day it is important that you know what your age group is and the events you are participating in. It is your responsibility to check the timings for the day and to arrive at your event in good time. If you are late, you may not be able to participate.
Students will sit in their house area and will be responsible for keeping their area tidy. You can cheer on your housemates and friends as they compete, but this will only be possible from OUTSIDE THE BARRIER, only active competitors and officials should be inside the barrier.
Footwear needs to be worn. When you go to your event you should walk around the outside of the barrier to the nearest gate to your start/field event. ALWAYS check the track for runners before crossing. NEVER cross the field in the middle of the track.

Running Events

For 100m, 200m, 400m races runners will be given a designated lane to run in. The runner must stay in this lane for the full race. Lane one is on the inside of the track. 800m runners stay in lane for the first 100m then can break to the inside. 1500m can break straight after the gun.
Runners will be expected to be arrive at the start area for their race in good time. Runners will need to wait at the side of the track and not cause any distractions to runners about to start.
If you wear spikes for the sprints, you must use a starting block.
The runners for the next race will be called on to the track and should wait behind the start line in their lane. The starter will call:

  • 'On your Marks' - step up to the start line, runner must not have their feet or hands on the line
  • 'Set' - prepare to start, this will be followed by approximately 2 seconds pause whilst it is checked that all runners are still.
  • Gun/Whistle

If a runner begins their start before the gun/whistle this is a FALSE START and the gun/whistle will sound again. ALL runners need to stop and return to the start. The runner that initiated the false start will be disqualified and the race restarted without this runner.
Positions are decided by the first runner’s torso (not head, arm or leg) to cross the finish line. At the finish line, decelerate and report back to the finishing marshalls who will organise the position you have finished.

Throwing Events

Competitors must stand back out of the way of the throwing area, only coming forward when called by the event referee. Throwers will be given three attempts.
Thrower must start from a static position in the throwing circle.
Throwers must not touch the outside of the throwing circle or the top of the stop board.
The discus/shot must first land within the sector lines, on the line counts as out.
Throwers must leave the throwing circle from the back half of the circle after the item has landed.
If any of the above are not carried out a NO THROW is called any attempt from that throw is not measured.

Shot Put
The shot must be in contact with the neck throughout the throwing action.
Boys Girls
Year 7/8 3 KG 2 KG
Juniors (Under 14) 4 KG 3 KG
Intermediate (Under 16) 5 KG 3 KG
Senior (Under 19) 5 KG 3 KG

Only Yr 11-13 students can use the discus spin.
Measurement taken from where the discus first lands.
Boys Girls
Year 7/8 0.75 KG 0.75 KG
Juniors (Under 14) 1 KG 1 KG
Intermediate (Under 16) 1.25 KG 1 KG
Senior (Under 19) 1.5 KG 1 KG

Long Jump

Competitors will be called to jump by the event organiser, other competitors should stand clear and not interfere or distract the jumper. Each jumper will be given three attempts.
Jumper must take off from one foot, from behind the take off line and land in the pit. Not completing all of these will result in a NO JUMP and the attempt will not be measured. Somersaulting is not permitted.
After landing the jumper must not walk back through the sand pit.
The measurement will be taken from the mark left in the sand that is closest to the take off board, no matter which body part created it.

High Jump

You must take off from one foot. No forward rolls/somersaults/head first dives are permitted.
If a jumper dislodges the bar during the jump or from vibrations from slight contact this is considered a failure.
Jumpers will be called to take a jump by the organiser. Other competitors should stand well back and not interfere or distract the jumper. You may pass at any height if you wish, but will not be allowed to go back to a lower height.
A jumper may abort the jump and restart so long as no part of their body has passed the line of the bar.
If, after one or two failures, jumpers decide to progress to a higher height, they may do so, but they will only have the remainder of their 3 consecutive jumps available. Once a height is successfully passed, jumpers have three fresh chances at the next height.
The winner is the jumper who clears the highest height, with the fewest attempts. If tied there is a countback to the fewest number of failures across the event.

High Jump Starting Heights
Boys Girls
Year 7/8 1.00m 0.90m
Juniors (Under 14) 1.10m 1.05m
Intermediate (Under 16) 1.20m 1.15m
Senior (Under 19) 1.25m 1.20m


Relay teams should be decided ahead of time and runners should know whether they are the first, second, third or fourth runner. Each house may enter two relays teams in each age group.
Runners must stay within their team’s lane throughout the race.
The second, third and fourth runners in the team must wait at the changeover box. They must receive the baton from the previous runner after the start of the box and before the end of it.
If the baton is received before the changeover box, after the changeover box, or is dropped then the team is disqualified.
At the end of the race the fourth runner must return the baton to the race starter.
You can run in an older age group, but cannot run in a younger age group.
Enter your name for the relay - This is not compulsory but helps with organisation.
Please state your name and the relay you want to participate in.